How to Build Your Own Photobooth for Under $1000?

Setting up an old fashioned photobooth can be both fun and interesting. Setting up your own booth or building one can also help you save quite a bit of money photobooth thessaloniki. That said it is also a fun project. However, it goes without saying that there isn’t a single right or wrong way of setting up a booth.

Here are the steps:

The first thing you would want to do is to place an AlienBee 800 behind the camera in order to eliminate shadows. A white umbrella can be setup in order to bounce the flash light.
For the background you can use some well designed coarse fabric. The fabric can be placed on top of a PVC structure but you could also get by with some tape fabric and paper. You probably wouldn’t need more than around a 5 feet high and 10 feet wide fabric. If you want something that looks really fancy a white color seamless paper would also do.
PocketWizards can be used to sync the light with the camera. You will only need one light and because that is the case i.e. it being very close to the camera you can use a free sync cord which comes along with your light.
You can probably setup any camera on a tripod and set it to shoot JPEG images. If you’re using a DSLR you can set the shutter to 1/200 and the aperture to f/5.0 to help focus the camera on larger groups. The ISO can be set at 125 and the light set to the lowest settings. If there is an option to set your camera to all points focus this should be done in order to help it focus on everyone standing in front of it.
A 50 mm lens is all you will need. It is enough to even cover some of the fabric you’ve put on the background. If the background is larger you could use a wider angle lens and shoot from a bit farther away. You can also experiment with shooting vertically.
A cheap remote can help guests to maneuver the camera. You can try to man the system yourself but allowing the guests to do it themselves will help give the photos a personal touch. This is also one reason why you should have ‘all points focus’ enabled and a large f/5.0 aperture.
To make things easier you can type out a few instructions and print it out for people to use. You can add the instructions inside the booth if possible or if not then outside. A box next to the booth can be filled with props that people can use. You may have to pay a visit to the one dollar store to find everything you need.
While building a photoboot of your own is a fun project and will help you save money there are still limitations you cannot overcome. All booths allow people to walk away with instant hard copies but in this case they can be emailed digital copies of the photos.


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