Industrial Weighing Scales

Industrial Weighing Scales are used in many different industries and come in all different shapes and sizes. They are used to measure the weights and capacities of all types of industrial and commercial goods ranging from over the counter groceries to large shipping containers Weigh Scales. They range from very small bench top scales to large platform balances.

Small bench top scales are generally used to weigh and measure items that are sold over the counter such as vegetables and other typical shop bought items like meat and fruit. Very large scales may be floor mounted and be constructed to handle enormous weights such as Lorries with heavy loads.

When they are employed to weigh load bearing trucks, the truck is simply driven onto the platform and weighed. The weight of the truck, which is known by pre-weighing the empty vehicle, is deducted from the weight of truck when it is loaded, and this gives the weight of the actual load on the truck.

There are many different types of floor mounted scales, and not all of them are used to measure objects as heavy as Lorries or shipping containers.

Here are some examples of a few industrial floor mounted scale also know as weigh beams:

The SB530 is a heavy duty weigh beam which has a digital indicator. WS 500 light capacity platform scales provide a low cost answer for general purpose weighing of any items up to a 500 kg capacity.

The 6000/SP platform scale is very robust and reliable, and a low cost platform scale.

The 6000/SS platform scale is of type 304 stainless steel construction, and features a four millimetre chequer top plate and welded support ribs throughout the platform area.

The PS1000 is constructed from rugged steel with tread plates and the surface helps protect handlers and animals from any accidental slips or falls. Adjustable footpads allow the scale to work effectively on any uneven floors.

Other types of smaller scale are very commonly used in all kinds of retail industries and bench scales are a very popular choice.

Most bench scales offer the user complete portability with a combination of lightweight and one piece design, some of them may have a built in carrying handle, and they can be mains or battery powered. This type of scale may be taken to almost any small weighing application.


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