A WordPress Blog – Why You Absolutely Positively Need One!

A WordPress blog is one of the hottest marketing and Social Media platforms online today!

While blogging is no longer a new phenomenon, it has grown to gigantic proportions with all of the internet marketing hype and social media sites we see online today.http://southpole2009.com/

First we need to explain what the heck a ‘Blog’ is.

• The term ‘blog’ is an abbreviated form of ‘Weblog’.

• It is essentially a diary or journal posted online.

• Blogs come in numerous forms and unlimited topics.

• An individual page or topic on a blog site is called a ‘blog post’.

• Sites like Twitter aren’t considered blogs, but Tweets are essentially a micro blog post.

• The only limiting factors to blogs and blog post topics are the regulations governing the platform that your blog appears on. Of course there are also ethical and moral obligations to factor in as well.

While there are numerous blog platforms appearing online today, the 3 most common are WordPress, Blogger.com and Xanga.

WordPress blogs come in 2 distinct forms.

1. WordPress.org: This is where you pick out a name for your new blog and register your own domain name. This will cost you around $10.00 per year to retain the domain and you will also need to buy hosting from a hosting service. This can run anywhere from $6.00 per month to $30.00 per month depending on the level of service required.

• I find that the best way to install a blog on my new domain is to access the domain cPanel and use Fantastico to install a WordPress blog onto the website.

• The advantage to this format is that You Own the domain name and your blog won’t be kicked off the web for some perceived search engine problem.

• The URL will look like this: YourDomainName.com.

2. WordPress.com: The first and foremost advantage to this option is that you don’t need to spend money on a domain name or hosting. Many entrepreneurs have started their businesses this way when they were on a limited financial budget.

• The downside to this option is that WordPress monitors your blog continually and they can delete your blog if you do something that they perceive as a violation of your operating agreement.

• The URL will look like this: YourDomainName.WordPress.com

Regardless of which type of WordPress blog you choose, you have basically the same options for setting the blog up. And by options, I mean lots and lots of options!

The WordPress platform is very simple to learn and utilizes an administration dashboard for editing purposes.

You can change nearly every aspect of the blog including the appearance, or theme. This is done by searching WordPress itself for different theme options. You can then download and save the new theme to your computer. Next, using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program, you upload the new theme to your website.

There are also dozens of plugins that can be used on your WordPress blog. These range from spam blockers like Akismet to an All in One SEO pack that helps to market your blog every time you write a blog post. These plugins are installed in a similar fashion to the theme we installed earlier.

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