Silk Pyjamas or Common Pyjamas?

There is a phenomenon that more and more people buy silk pyjamas instead of common pyjamas. Some people believe that wearing silk pyjamas can provide them a pleasant sleep. They even say that sleeping in silk pyjamas is a luxurious sensation that everyone should experience. Indeed they are comfortable, but they are also expensive and fragile.

The material is silk, which is one of the oldest known textile fibers. As a kind of precious textile fiber, silk costs a lot. Correspondingly, the pyjamas made of silk are expensive. Though they are expensive, they also just belong to night suit and can’t be seen by others. As for me, buying them is just a waste of money. In addition, the silk is fragile, you must be very cautious when wearing clothes made of silk. When you wash them, you should not scrub them harshly. When ironing, you must press them on the lowest iron setting. Moreover, you should not wring the water out of the clothes, because if you do so the material will be out of shape. There are many tips that you should remember to give your precious and expensive pyjamas special care! It is so troublesome.

So why don’t you just buy a common pyjamas which are also comfortable and convenient. You do not need pay much attention to care you common pyjamas. The common pyjamas, such as pyjamas made of pure cotton, are not that fragile. You can wash them casually. They are also soft and comfortable, so it won’t influence you sleep. I believe that common pyjamas can also offer you with a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, they won’t cost a lot.


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