Star Wars – The Force Unleashed Wii Review

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a fun game when you first start. The levels are almost the same. No puzzles, just a hack and slash star wars game. Sadly, you can beat the game in three hours. You can play it again after you beat it with all your power ups. It’s okay, but you need more.

It’s not that the game isn’t good, it’s just unfinished. Bosses are fun, at the end of the boss battle, you do a God of War style finish move, which is really fun. The only other mode other then single player is mulitplayer which isn’t good enough. The only way to replay mission is to do the game all over again. Sort of a rip off. Story is pretty good, just unfinished. You can be dark side or light side, but you can only chose at the end of the game at the last boss. You get the same force powers ether way. The storyline involves Darth Vader’s secret apprentice doing missions for him, wiping out the last jedi. There is twists in the storyline which I well not say, but is really intense and keeps you playing. In multiplayer, you get a good handful of usable players, pretty fun to play with friends, but gets boring after a while. I would rather have a co-op single player then the 1 vs 1 mulitplayer mode. Playing around with stormtroopers is also fun, but it’s not enough for the $50 price tag. At most, rent it, do not buy it.


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