The Use of Glass Partitioning in Office Refurbishment and How It Can Affect Eco-Design

Glass partitions are a great way of dividing open-plan office space allowing for individual workspaces in busy environments that are private and quiet, but are also conducive to openness and collaboration. The glass used in partitioning is perfectly safe as it is toughened or reinforced, as well as being built to be fire resistant, giving peace of mind in your workspace. Because glass partitioning is suspended or is moved along a track, it is both easy in installation and operation.

Glass Partitioning is a Practical Solution for your Business

Glass partitioning practicality goes further than being safe and easy to install. When the glass panels are installed on a track, you can instantly transform an open-plan room into a dynamic, and modular, workspace. Walls are fixed in place – our glass partitions move to your businesses needs. Single glazed glass partitions provide excellent acoustic performance for the majority of needs, but should you need more, you can also consider using double glazed glass. Whether it’s for private or confidential meetings, or whether simply for a particular noisy environment, double glazed partitioning gives superior acoustic performance.

Creating a Pleasing, Contemporary Space

Glass partitioning is not only practical, it is stylish and aesthetically pleasing too. They can instantly transform a mundane office space into a modern and contemporary working environment. Because the glass can be tailored exactly for your needs, it comes with different design office-ball and finish options. Creative details with business colours and logos can be added to your glass partitioning, which can provide, particularly when combined with subtle and imaginative use of lighting, a stylish and elegant finish.

Glass partitioning can have a beneficial impact on eco-office design, so first we’re going to look at what an eco-office is, and how they can be designed.

What can be done to create a green office?

Creating an environmentally-friendly office is not just about meeting certain regulations – eco-offices are sustainable, cost-effective and beautiful. Green designs involve using furniture, furnishings and materials which were manufactured in a sustainable way, from chairs and tables, to paint and wiring – almost everything you put in your office can have an impact on the environment.

Office refurbishment allows you to carefully consider the appliances and electronics you use in your office. Environmentally unfriendly air-conditioning and heating systems, which exist in so many offices, can be done away with for modern designs that don’t cost the Earth. You can extend this to the myriad of other equipment you have in your office, such as printers, computers, microwaves and refrigerators. These devices are often left on throughout the entire day, even through the night, so choosing wisely can save a surprising amount of energy.

Making use of natural light

In designing an eco-friendly office, making as much use of natural light is crucial. The fewer synthetic lights your office needs to illuminate the work-space, the less electricity you use. Additionally, most people find a well-lit office using plenty of natural light a far more pleasing environment in which to work, which will end up being better for everyone, from your workers to your clients.

Needless to say, good window space is important in creating a well-lit office, but don’t despair if you’re not in a position to add more. By designing the work space carefully, you can maximise the distance and reach of the existing natural light. A great way of letting light permeate your office is by using glass partitions, creating a bright and attractive working environment.

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