Chad Ochocinco Could Have a New Name

Fresh off his NFL fine for excessive celebration for putting on a sombrero on the sideline after scoring a touchdown the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is at it again. After working with a Japanese film crew for a couple of weeks, Ochocinco was told about how fans over there would love for him to change his name to “Hachi Go” which translates to eighty five in Japanese.

Ever since Ochocinco became a break out star in the league hachi-papahe has always been one of the top offenders of the “no excessive celebrating” rule that comes with a fine every time you violate it. But given the fact that Ochocinco does not seem to care about the money he loses in fines as long as he gets all the media attention he can. He is one of the many sports Divas that only seem to care about the spotlight.

Since being told by his head coach recently that he needed to stop with his antics and warned by the league officials. Ochocinco decided instead of coming up with another celebration dance or whatever crazy idea that runs through his head he will go ahead and officially change his last name again, this time to Hachi Go to show his fans in Japan that he cares. Chad original birth last name was Johnson, which he changed to Ochocinco in 2008 and now it will be Hachi Go.

It would be one thing if he changed his name for a meaningful reason like maybe it was one of his biggest fans last wish or something important. Eventually down the road all of his antics and showboating will comeback and hurt not only him but his team also. Football is a team sport and Johnson just seems to be more about himself than the rest of his team. The only time he actually seemed to care about his team lately is when he stepped in for the injured Shane Graham at place kicking duties during the pre season. Even though he is not known for his kicking abilities he ended up kicking the ball off and making the decisive extra point kick to give the Bengals a 7-6 win over the New England Patriots. Other then that he seems to be all about himself just like Terrell Owens of the Buffalo Bills.

I know we are in a time were people especially celebrities are always trying to keep the media attention directly on them at all times just so they do not become an after thought in the public’s mind. Athletes like Ochocinco do not need to always seek out extraordinary ways for the public to always follow them; they should just stick to their god given abilities and let their play making skills on the field do all the talking for him.



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