15 Second Clips of Fame

Three million. That’s how many people have sat down to watch the nearly 90 seconds of video of a skateboarding dog on YouTube, including 14,000 people that have bookmarked it for future viewing.

Video sharing websites like YouTube have allowed countless individuals (and dogs) to rise to instant notoriety simply by posting a short clip of their own creation. instantfamez And it is this notoriety that is quickly becoming the next new advertising phenomenon.

Creative Expression

Online video has taken the networking out of becoming a celebrity. No longer does one need to “know someone” to become famous – instead, fame has become a result of creativity, moving away from the standard Hollywood and political realms and towards a new age of intelligence and art. This allows any average Joe or Jane to catapult themselves into infamy, simply by posting some type of video art form. “Leave Britney Alone,” an online diary by a distraught Britney Spears fan, received over 20 million views and numerous satirical references in movies, television and websites, turning an individual fan of a pop culture diva an international celebrity.

This is not the first instance of a regular individual receiving this kind of recognition. Amber Lee Ettinger instantly became political celebrity when she posted her own music video about her crush on presidential candidate Barack Obama. Now known as “Obama Girl,” Ettinger has been flown across the country to do interviews on several news television stations, and has become a talked about figure during the 2008 campaign.

Video in Marketing

It is this type of popularity that has recently been thrown into the spotlight for internet advertisers. Had the individual who posted “Leave Britney Alone” had his own sales website, that website would easily have received a significant amount of hits, possibly resulting in millions of dollars in sales without costing him a dime.

These videos (known online as “viral videos”) are attractive to advertisers because they are self-propagating. A humorous or entertaining video is shared freely through email, websites, blogs and more, receiving thousands of hits through word of mouth alone. Rather than pay individual websites to post an advertisement, these viral videos are posted by choice, for free, on websites across the globe.

This new phenomenon will eventually change advertising dramatically. As free methods of advertising become an accepted practice for marketers, company success will no longer be based on advertising intelligence but rather on creativity and originality. The ability to promote your website will depend, largely, on how unique and funny your marketing method.

Once this change occurs, other forms of advertising will soon become obsolete – not because they are ineffective (pay per click advertising has some tremendous value) but because they involve higher risk, as wasting ones finances in order to purchase advertising space is often a gamble many companies are unwilling to take; especially when they can spend their money creating the next popular internet video.

New Generation Marketers

As internet video marketing becomes more mainstream, so too will marketing recruitment. Old marketing methods involved years of substantial research into markets and the economy, and employers were looking for experienced individuals that understood the best ways to exploit the marketplace.

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