Pharmaceutical Research & Development

With the advent of technology and owing to the advanced and deep research, an array of drugs is released into the market that addresses a variety of illnesses. Contract Research and Product Development companies play an important and vital role in this. They assist the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies with respect to many avenues.

Right from undertaking feasibility studies to selecting the exact dosage form design, these research companies provide vital and essential aid. The other services include analytical study, physical and chemical characterization using advanced laser technology, Nanotechnology, evaluation of devices and much more. The expert staff and researchers are always in pursuit of developing new and effective technologies and the stress is always on out-of-the-box or innovative approach.

As mentioned earlier, the different forms and types of dosages developed, here is a list of few:
– Inhalational: Nasal, Spray Metered dose inhaler (MDI), Dry powder inhaler (DPI) and Nebulizer
– Oral: Tablet, capsule, pill, Solution and suspension.
– Topical: Gel, Patch, Cream, Lotion, Paste, Ointment, liniment and Drops
– Parenteral: Nebulized Solution and Intrauterine Catheter.
– Others: Water-soluble and – insoluble compounds, Stable and unstable compounds, Liposome and Inclusion complex.

The extensive services offered by crystal-method Contract Research and Product Development companies include:
– Analytical and feasibility studies that help you in selecting the apt and correct dosage form.
– Compiled and thorough studies that take into consideration the compatibility of active ingredients excipients, delivery components and the components to be used in packaging.
– Design of the dosage form
– Optimization of the drug formulation
– Selecting the appropriate flavors or use of flavors to mask the taste.
– Characterization of the formulation
– Decide the bottle or storage form that will eventually store the product (tube, bottle etc).
– GLP Tox Batch Manufacture
– Process Scale-Up
– Stability Studies

These processes are under the supervision of experts and is also based on and supported with case studies and statistical data.


Contract Research and Product Development companies hire experts and scientists that further enrich the process. Unlike the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies they do not have to tackle or deal with other issues, so focus is completely on research and drug development. An expert of that particular domain or field ensures a wise and sound decision with regards to that you can avail experts in the fields like Product Performance Evaluation, Microformulation, Taste Masking, Improved Delivery System Development, Increased Efficiency of Product, Bioavailability enhancement, Excipient Selection and Compatibility and much more.

A host of services offered by the Contract Research and Product Development companies result in better and improved product development. Apart from that it also offers other services like Analytical Studies and Method validation.

By employing these companies, the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies get the benefit of expertise at their disposal. Also, thorough statistical data and case studies are presented. The use of advanced technologies and equipment like laser not only expedites the process but also increases efficiency and accuracy. With lesser turnaround time and effective cut In expenses the client firms can focus on other issues and problems.


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