Do You Still Think Dog Shoes Are a Luxury? Think Again!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of going out for a walk? Shoes! For us shoes are very important part of our get up. Formal shoes for a party, informal for house wear, joggers for exercise and walking etc.

Now the question is; have you ever thought about in the same manner for your pet dog? Have you ever given this a though that when you take your dog out for a walk they might even hurt their feet or their feet also may get dirty or rough or may have cracks in them? The answer to the questions is; no you haven’t considered this yet. Even though you love your pet a lot and care about it, you do not find it necessary to make your pet wear some important accessories to protect them from any injury. Dog shoes not only protect your dog’s feet but also make them look beautiful and different from others.

There is a huge variety of dog shoes available in the market. Every kind of shoes is made for different usage like booties for long walks and picnics and sandals for party wear etc. Before buying perfect shoes for your dog you must make sure you buy the right shoe for the right purpose indogshoes. If you but slippers for your dog for a long walk if would become uncomfortable and will hurt the paws of your dog even more.
Therefore, right shoes for the right event are very important. Leather booties are also available for winter wear so that the dog does not feel cold, does not slip on ice and does not hurt his paws due to excess salt. Similarly they need slippers to help them in summers by protecting their paws from heat and saving them from burns due to hot pavement.

Buying shoes is not the end of the conversation to protect your dog’s paws. There is a lot more to it. You must make sure that the shoes you are buying are comfortable enough for the delicate paws of your dog. The shoes that you buy must also be padded and slightly rough from the soles to prevent your dog from getting hurt or slip. Soft soles are not helpful since it will not protect your dog’s paws on rough surfaces.

You must also make sure that you wash your dog shoes often. Making them wear shoes without washing will not only harm the very expensive shoes but will also be unhygienic for the dog. This is because the dog’s paws are very sensitive part of a dog and germ growth would lead to bacterial infection.

Shoes are considered equally important for dogs as it was for humans. Buying shoes for your dog has now become a necessity, rather than a luxury thus you need to shop for your dog in the same manner as you shop for yourself, as taking care of your pet is the basic requirement if you own one!


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