Living the Legend

This is the initial segment of the tale of my own far-fetched course into the universe of motorsports – with any karma it can give motivation to those remaining outwardly and glancing in, contemplating whether possibly one day they could do likewise.

The experience started on Valentines Day 2007 when I opened a mysterious looking letter to peruse the words “pleased to educate you that you are one of three effective possibility for the 2007 Scottish Legends Championship Scholarship.” Having entered it more as a snicker than everything else while I rationed the pennies to attempt to go hustling without precedent for some way, shape or structure during the year, I need to confess to being stunned to have gotten it. I’d had a shot at the Legends Experience (a voucher that entitles any individual from joe public to have a go in a race-vehicle) at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife, Scotland the past September and whistled around securely if not staggeringly and making the most of my time, expecting it would be the last time I’d drive one of the little machines. To then discover I’d been given some financing by Aly Hunter’s Scotlegends vehicle planning group, Knockhill Racing Circuit and the Scottish Motor Racing Club (the overseeing collection of Scottish Motor Sport) with the condition I endeavor the full arrangement came as a gigantic astonishment given my absolute new kid on the block status having endeavored no past type of engine dashing!

Now I ought to clarify the arrangement of the Championship itself. Made initially in the United States in the mid 90’s to battle the spiraling expense of motorsports, a Legends vehicle is a 1250cc Yamaha dashing bicycle motor and gearbox darted into a 5/8 scale copy of 1930’s style Ford, Chevy and Dodge cars and cars. Brought into the United Kingdom a couple of years after the fact and adjusted from their unique oval particular to run on the more common street course circuits of Europe, an exceptionally well known British arrangement was developed and following a great deal of interest in the vehicles at whatever point the British Championship made visits to Scotland, a Scottish Championship to run over approximately ten rounds in the Spring and Summer a long time at Knockhill was made. Run since 2000 when six participants took to the track, by 2006 it routinely observed as much as 25 contestants at each round, the fields generally comprised of affluent financial specialists with cash to spend on rushes and youthful drivers straight from the karting scene and hoping to advance up in motorsport circles. The entirety of this joined to make the SMRC Scottish Legends Championship one of the high degrees of Scottish Motorsport. A major fanatic of the arrangement, I’d trusted one day I may get an opportunity to have a go at dashing one of them, however I had neither the hustling foundation or the cash to do as such – it seemed as though a daily existence as an observer was as well as could be expected trust in.

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